Morellet François

Morellet François

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  • Morellet François (1926-2016)

Spearhead of the so-called "cold" abstraction, François Morellet adopted in 1950 a formal language reduced to a few simple forms and a limited chromatic palette. His early tendency towards the elementary increases over time and ranks him among the precursors of Minimal Art.

A pure abstract artist in the soul, Morellet considers that the work of art refers only to itself deconstructing in this way the myth of the romantic artist. He applies a systematic approach to his work in many ways reminiscent of his minimalist colleagues Sol Lewitt, Frank Stella or Ellsworth Kelly.

In Dessin n°73085 - Trame épaisse 0°- Trame mince 10°, Morellet has chosen, as usual, a complex title referring to the self-imposed rules while drawing the work.

    • Dessin n°73085 - Trame épaisse 0°- Trame mince 10°
    • Indian ink on paper
    • Dated and signed on the verso 
    • 1973
    • H 20 cm x W 20 cm
    • Framed